I’m Tim Mudie, I live in the sunny southeast of Ireland and now paint full time.
On this website you’ll see a range of work from over the years including new pieces (which you can see first on Instagram @timudie)
The paintings come in a wide variety of sizes and are priced accordingly. See if you can find a piece that you’d like to move in with you.

New Work

Since moving to the countryside I’ve been taken by the light and space.
A lot of this work is smaller but will work hard hanging on your wall, first drawing you to the painting, then bringing you inside.

Large Canvases

You’ll find larger canvases here. Painted in 2023 before I moved to the smaller pieces. The colours and textures are created with brush & palette knife to reflect the nature around me.


I painted these during lockdown, partly because they required a lot of time and filled the days. Ireland is now so wonderfully multicultural and I was trying to reflect non-native species in beautiful Irish locations.